Sharing the Love of Christ

 As a ministry of Christ the King Lutheran Church our goal is to serve the community around us sharing the love of Christ. It is our goal to provide a safe, loving atmosphere where children can learn, grow and experience the world around them through age-appropriate lessons and activities. 

Exploring Our World

  We strive to provide daily opportunities for children to explore science, art, music, literature, dance, dramatic play, and social interaction, through classroom participation, interest centers and outdoor activities. 

Learning About School

 Part of our mission is to foster positive self-esteem in each child, and to teach them about God’s unfailing love for them. It is also our goal that each child acquires a solid academic foundation, and learns appropriate school behavior, as well as the social skills necessary to succeed in a school environment. 

Ready for Kindergarten

 We strive to give each child the best possible start when they move on to Kindergarten. Our preschool offers a wonderful blend of educational and play based activities designed to assist children in all areas of their development.