Our Environment


Our Facility

 We are blessed to have a lovely,  and kid-friendly facility. Each classroom is bright and inviting and arranged specifically to offer an ideal learning environment for young children.

Our play yard offers many enriching activities as well, which include a large sandbox, swings, slides, and a fun climbing structure. In addition, we provide many other activities in the yard each week such as bikes, cars, and scooters. 


Outdoor Classroom

 We strive to follow the "Outdoor Classroom" concept and our play yard offers a book corner, an art table, and building materials available to the children. One of our most popular spots is our stage for dramatic play, where students can dress-up, play musical instruments and have a puppet theater. We also have a colorful garden where the children help us plant, water and harvest everything from fresh flowers to berries and vegetables. 


Our Staff

 Our staff works hard to stay current on the latest trends in Early Childhood Education. We constantly change our curriculum in each age group, but also maintain key aspects and methods that we believe work best in nurturing rapid learning in young children.